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Talk by Arrital was created for this, to give voice, to represent, but above all to seal stories, moments, events, emotions, strong signals of a brand that is close to its 40th anniversary and deserves a publication.

Talk comes from the Kitchen Culture philosophy of Arrital, a vision open to contamination, creativity, and storytelling, like the kitchen environment, a place of meeting and conversation, an expressive place for design and the everyday food experience.

Talk is the place of stories like the kitchen that beats the time of day and the rhythm of life.

Talk, in this issue #0, monographic, will focus more on the company through its different expressions, but in the next editions it will dedicate space and value to the trends, stories, facts, and people who share the work and passion for furniture and contemporary design.



Modern design kitchens, global strategy and vision

For more than 35 years, Arrital has worked in the modern kitchen design sector, increasingly representing the values of modern design, research and the ability to design and produce successful solutions and quality products. Production facilities are located in Fontanafredda (PN), together with the company headquarters and general management.

In the last 10 years, the brand has gained recognition and is now sold in more than 40 countries worldwide through various one brand stores, direct clients and distributors. In 2012, Arrital S.p.A. took over the brand Altamarea and entered the medium-high end bathroom furniture sector, further developing its relations in commercial, organisational and production areas.

Arrital is constantly in search of new values and meanings that reflect its kitchen culture, representing the brand’s promise to a market in continuous evolution. Arrital identifies itself as representative of a style and look that satisfies contemporary users, attentive to innovation, who consider the home to be a representation of their way of life and an expression of their personality. Today, Arrital represents a model of organisation and values through its planning of production and logistical flows, its approach to environmental sustainability, in addition to its marketing strategy focused on human resources and management style, as well as its focus on internal and external lifestyles.


A passion for quality and innovation, forever setting Arrital apart, which also embraces the company’s relationship with the environment through its undertaking to protect it with sustainable solutions, equipping the Fontanafredda facility with a photovoltaic system making it almost self-sufficient in terms of energy needs.


1979  Arrital is founded
1989  Makes its appearance in the international market
1996  Becomes part of the Doimo Group
2002  Evolves its production of classic/modern lines
2004  Begins a collaboration with the DRIUSSO-ASSOCIATI architectural firm
2011  Evolves its role in the market and communication
2012  Purchases the bathroom furniture brand Altamarea


Satisfaction and reputation founded on Italian quality and design

For Arrital, quality is a fundamental requisite: in its relations with partners and clients, in modern kitchens and in its approach to strategic and workflow planning. Constant research is intertwined with the most innovative materials characterised by practical and ergonomic solutions, where design formally encapsulates solutions.

The global approach of the company and its represented brands has ensured the attainment of ambitious awards and certifications. One that stands out in particular is the exclusive 100% Made in Italy, confirming the company’s manufacturing strength and value, as well as the strict use of Made in Italy spun materials, ensuring not only safety but also traceability of products and certified components.

For Arrital, quality is a choice in the name of client satisfaction, but above all a promise, a reputation confirmed in the products and brands that represent the company every day. Important investments in continuous innovation and processes of excellence, translating into high performance, time monitoring and constant quality.


Arrital thus completely satisfies all the conditions making the Made in Italy brand unique and unrepeatable throughout the world, for example, manufacturing in Italian territory, the selection of first-choice materials, its manufacturing capacity and the use of exclusive models developed by Arrital.

In perfect harmony with the policy of clarity and transparency adopted by Arrital in regards to its products, the company’s certification ensures its products are “traceable” following their purchase: thanks to the code reported on each item, it is possible to check the origin of the certified brand.

Quality management is not an obligation to follow a rule. It’s the choice to work in a certain way. To adopt a company approach that places clients and their satisfaction at the centre.

The company’s quality certifications are the manifestation of its investments aimed towards supplying products that consistently satisfy pre-established requirements. And of a brand policy committed to focusing on the continuous improvement of its services.


Guaranteed assistance, always

K future is the brand and name of guaranteed assistance for modern kitchens designed by Arrital. A way of confirming the quality and safety of products in terms of their structure and operational functionality. Moreover, it represents Arrital’s approach to maintaining the market’s trust in its promise to provide value.

This is true for all Arrital models intended for the Italian market only, and includes exclusive assistance for kitchens for 10 years from the date of purchase, including a series of services for both the product and home environment. Arrital K future is an example of the company’s interpretation of kitchen culture: a relationship and a dialogue of value with consumers, who are increasingly attentive to the condition and details of their kitchen environment, a magical place of work and daily interaction.


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